walk into any home for a newborn session feeling confident and prepared for whatever is on the other side of the door.

Through expert guidance, you'll gain the invaluable skills to transform your sessions into unforgettable experiences for families. You'll exude confidence and comfort, creating effortless connections that attract the exact types of clients you aspire to serve. 

Elevate your newborn photography career

You can truly be the expert at an in-home newborn session.

learn how to:

+ Safely wrap & soothe a newborn baby
+ Encourage a lively  toddler to participate
+ Create a calm atmosphere
+ Make the parents feel comfortable

I’m here to guide you through every step of building a successful in-home newborn experience that will keep your books full with referrals and new clients alike. 

 I did my first in-home newborn session a few weeks ago, which would not have been possible without this course!!


Unlock the secrets to effortlessly posing clients, wrapping babies, and creating authentic connection

in home newborn sessions can be fun and easy

Drawing from my own experiences and lessons learned, I have curated educational opportunities that eliminate the guesswork, regardless of your photography journey stage. Benefit from the knowledge I wish I had four years ago, as I guide you through comprehensive training that will elevate your skills and boost your confidence. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow, transforming your photography practice into a realm of limitless possibilities.

YOU'VE GOT THE SKILL, YOU'VE GOT THE DRIVE, you just need someone to show you the ropes

maybe you're here:

+ Struggling to have your clients posed naturally

+ Want to get into newborns but don’t know where to begin 

+ Worried about what is waiting for you on the other side of the door when you arrive

+ You want to enhance your client experience

+ Looking to get referrals to drive your bookings instead of having to market constantly

+ Hoping to reclaim your evenings and weekends for family time

+ You want to make sure you’re proficient in newborn session safety experience

By providing an experience and not just a product, you are creating clients for life 

To me, in-home lifestyle newborn photography is both fulfilling and challenging in ways I could not have expected when I began my journey. Safely handling mushy new babies while managing postpartum parents and wrangling toddlers all in a home with lighting, colors, and personal items you are now seeing for the first time - it can feel a like a lot (because it is a lot).

With my online in-home lifestyle newborn course and educational offerings, you can take all of those concerns are leave them in the past. I am here to make you the expert, and it’s going to be easier than you think. 

get ready to transform your business

With my course, you’ll learn every single step you need to take to have a seamless, easy-breeze newborn session with people you don’t know in a home you’ve never seen with lighting you can’t predict. 

I have photographed over 300 babies in their homes in suburban, rural, and urban areas and have learned quite a few things along the way. When I say I’ve seen and worked in it all, I mean that wholeheartedly. 

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Experience 

say hello to the ultimate newborn photography course:

Your one-stop shop for becoming an in-home lifestyle newborn photographer.

+ 10 videos totaling over 2 hours of content  that covers: How to schedule, Touring a home, What I bring with me, Swaddling, Posing, posing, and more posing! 
+ Access to an exclusive Facebook education group that covers everything from contracts to using a speed light.

Here's what's included:

+ Access to unique services and discounted one-on-ones 

+ New content every month about lighting, shooting, and editing 

+ A community to grow and learn with 

+ Access to me for questions and support

With my course you’ll also receive 


I owe so much of my growth to Elyse,


I recommend her program to anyone who is interested in learning about lifestyle newborn photography, hands down. Not only just for the videos, but to join the growing community of artists she has also helped and to have Elyse in your corner <3

After taking my in-home lifestyle newborn course, you’ll feel confident heading into any session. 

+ Know how to confidently prompt and pose your clients

+ Feel comfortable making any home work work, regardless of size or light

+ Never again be intimidated by obscurely sized swaddles
+ Curate a session that will result in a referral-based business 

get the In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Course for 


the investment

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